Subscription Terms of Service for Advertising Diffusion Services

  1. Subscription Scope
    1. The General Conditions regulate commercial relations between COMERLEADS S.L., owner of site (hereafter referred to as “Infoisinfo” or “WEBSITE”) and its clients (hereinafter “client”)
    2. With the online subscription to a Premium Ad on, the client fully and unreservedly accepts, without reservations, these General Conditions for each product or service (hereafter referred to as “Agreement”), both parties accepting the possibility of formalizing by any lawful means, including e-mail, telephone recording, digitalized or electronic signature and to be stored, archived or reproduced by any means available.
    3. These Terms are visible and accessible on
    4. The Products and Services offered by Infoisinfo are exclusively indicated for professionals and entrepreneurs. Therefore, the current legislation is not applicable on consumers. If you intend to carry out a personal and not professional use of this website or of the products and services offered on it, we must be contacted in advance, in order to define the contractual framework that will govern the relationship between Infoisinfo and you.
  2. Infoisinfo Information
    1. Infoisinfo, currently and with no prejudice to other activities that may undertake now or in the future, is dedicated to the commercial exploitation of, online directory of companies and professionals.
    2. The identification data is the following:
      • Corporate name: COMERLEADS, S.L.
      • Address: Alejandro González, 5 – 28028 – Madrid (Spain)
      • E-mail:
      • Data entry on Mercantile Registry ("Registro Mercantil") of Madrid: Volume 26881, book
      • 0,folio 174, section 8, page number M-484456, entry 1ª.
      • Tax Identification Number: B-85753614.
  3. Clients
    1. The client is any person or legal entity bearing the legal authority to enter into such an agreement and in compliance with relevant Spanish legislation and who intends to use free of charge or for a fee the services provided by Infoisinfo. All client’s data is stored on a subscription form on the website (hereinafter “Particular Subscription Policy”). The acceptance of these conditions is essential so as to sign up as a client and to register in those services that are required.
    2. The client, or any of its agents, representatives or factors acting on its behalf, warrants sufficient authority to sign up the contract and to be bounded by these terms and conditions.
    3. The client states that the information provided is truthful.
  4. Purpose of the contract
    1. The purpose of the contract consists on the advertising diffusion services by Infoisinfo in exchange for payment of fee by the client, for the period of time established in the contract.
    2. For this purpose, Infoisinfo will carry out the diffusion of the “Premium Ad” in the space agreed at the time of the subscription through Particular Subscription Policy and considering technical limitations supported by Infoisinfo systems.
    3. The client acknowledges and accepts the sole responsibility of Infoisinfo in the organization of the ads on website. It also accepts that Infoisinfo has its own rules and guidelines of ad’s classification on its website.
    4. The client acknowledges and understands that a number of “Premium Company” products subscribed could impede the suitability to the different guidelines of each advertisement. For this reason, Infoisinfo cannot guarantee a determinate place of the ad, except when the client has subscripted specific conditions.
    5. Requests for changes of the ads will be completed according to the Section 14.1, through Infoisinfo form or the “Particular Subscription Policy”
    6. The client agrees that Infoisinfo can adapt services, previously contracted, to technological advances or other products of similar or greater range or functionality, without incurring in any substantial change in the contract previously agreed.
  5. Validity and duration
    1. The agreement shall become effective and shall take full effects from the time of approval by the client, unless Infoisinfo communicates the non-acceptance of the commercial relation, no later than seven days from the stated date.
    2. The contract will be indefinite and will automatically be renewed for each contracted period, until the client wishes to terminate as provided in clause 14.2.
  6. Infoisinfo Obligations
    1. Each Premium Ad will be designed by Infoisinfo.
    2. Infoisinfo, as owner of exploitation rights, will hand over to each client the rights of use for different ads produced, in multimedia format, during the applicability of the contract, being limited the transfer of use only for Infoisinfo server, solely in the conditions previously accorded in the contract.
    3. The initial date of advertising broadcast will take place no later than thirty days after the client delivers the information that the ad should contain; the client’s approval shall be tacitly understood as granted, unless indicate otherwise, after the information that the ad contains has been delivered by the client to Infoisinfo.
  7. Clients Obligations
    1. As to the technical resources available to the client:
      • a. The Client, to ensure proper and complete use of the service, must have the technical, electronic or computer resources necessary. Therefore, the client alone will be responsible for any defects or incidences that occur of delivering the service, where personal resources used fail.
      • b. The client shall indicate, if any, the exact URL of the destination website which is redirected from the ad, and disclaims any liability to Infoisinfo for any ad placement changes that may occur through the use of non-standard browsers.
    2. As to the use of the service or its content:
      • a. All services contracted are personal and non-transferable. The client accepts and undertakes to keep aside all passwords provided by Infoisinfo, and therefore cannot be used by third parties, in accordance with the agreement in the paragraph a) in clause 8.1 of this General Subscription Policy.
      • b. Client should respect current legislation and in particular all the principles of preservation of public order, respect for the honour of people and also the non-discrimination cause of race, sex, religion, opinion, nationality, disability or other personal or social reason, the protection of youth and childhood, protection of rights related with personal and family privacy, freedom of expression and freedom of information.
      • c. The Client warrants that the information provided is truthful and updated and declares that the content of the ads, trademarks and other intellectual or industrial property that integrate such content or that of their website, do not infringe any rights of other individuals or entities, it is neither unlawful nor offensive, being truthful and coincident with the quality of products or services, counting with the necessary licenses or authorizations required by law and in compliance with the requirements of the different professional bodies when it is a regulated activity. The Client is solely responsible for the potential violation of these obligations, clearly recognizing that the lack of veracity of information contained in the ads will never determine any liability of Infoisinfo and undertakes to compensate Infoisinfo as a result of sanctions imposed by the appropriate organisms.
      • d. In the event that advertising inserts contain references to advertising sweepstakes, contests or other promotions, the client shall comply with current legislation on games of chance, betting and gambling, shall have administrative authorization, with its obtaining liability and shall undertake to indemnify Infoisinfo of any breach or liability arising from such action.
      • e. The client shall be solely responsible for the entire content of his website and for messages written or sent through electronic means, as well as the data provided, recognizing that inclusion of ads in does not imply any recommendation by Infoisinfo for the purchase or rental of the products or client’s services.
      • f. The client acknowledges that Infoisinfo is not responsible for maintaining the client’s website nor it is responsible for order entry, payment processing, deliveries, cancellations or refunds, nor provides services to client in connection with orders placed through client’s website.
      • g. The Client undertakes that the website does not comprise any content that is owned or licensed by Infoisinfo, including without limitation Infoisinfo ads, except for those cases in which Infoisinfo has signed a partnership agreement or other affiliation.
      • h. The client grants to Infoisinfo the irrevocable right to access, index, copy (cache) and display of (in relation with client ads) the website or websites linked in their profile by any instrument or automatic mechanism, including web spiders or crawlers. This license allows Infoisinfo the possibility to create or show total or partial copies of the text, graphics, images, audio, video or any other content found in these websites, including the right to show and create thumbnails.
      • i. The client authorizes Infoisinfo to perform content backups of the ads performed in electronic format and contracted during the validity of contract.
      • j. The client will receive access to a control panel from which the registration, modification and any other matter relating to the client’s profile can be managed.
      • k. Infoisinfo owns the rights of intellectual property, or has obtained the necessary licenses or authorizations for operation on domain names, trademarks and logos, application, information and computer programs related to the website and technology associated with it, as well as its contents.
      • l. The contents of this website (including designs, apps, text, images, source code…) are protected by industrial and intellectual property rights.
      • m. Content may not be used, reproduced, copied or transmitted in any form without explicit written permission of Infoisinfo.
      • n. Client grants Infoisinfo a free, non-exclusive and universal license of use and exploitation for publication, modification, transformation, compilation and public communication in any form, without geographical or time limitation on contents published by each client through their website.
      • o. The client is solely responsible for the website's content, claiming it has all necessary consents and approvals for the publication of content, exonerating any liability to Infoisinfo. Client acknowledges and states that all contents are published under the sole responsibility of the client. Therefore, shall be responsible for all sanctions and/or compensations derived from the content of advertising.
  8. Access conditions and use of the services.
    1. The use of the different services will be under the following conditions:
      • a. The access takes place via the client’s browser and using the passwords provided to the client. These keys are confidential and personal so they must be securely kept by the client so they cannot be used, in any case, by third parties. The Client is fully responsible for any use that may be made of their personal passwords, exonerating Infoisinfo of any responsibility.
      • b. Access to the service may be denied to the client who has failed to fulfil their obligations and commitments.
    2. The client assumes all liability arising from misuse of services.
    3. Infoisinfo, owner of the service, to guarantee the rights of the client, could:
      • a. Supervise the service while respecting the privacy of the client and communications.
      • b. Temporarily discontinue service, without prior notice for technical or legal reasons that will be displayed on if technically possible.
      • c. Modify the conditions of service provision, where required for technical reasons or implementation of new laws, both circumstances shall be set forth in the aforementioned Infoisinfo website.
      • d. Add or delete any web services and all related information that may be illegal or offensive.
    4. Infoisinfo authorizes the client to use the intellectual property rights related to the applications installed on the server running Infoisinfo. Apart from that, Infoisinfo grants no other permission of use, prohibiting their reproduction, in whole or in part, its processing, transmission, borrowing and any other form of transfer, without express written permission.
  9. Price and payments
    1. As consideration for the contracted services, the client shall pay the agreed fee for the contracted period, subject to taxes.
    2. The client agrees to make payments for provided services. On non-payment cases, Infoisinfo could reject any requests on behalf of the client and has the possibility of cancelling other non-performed services. Furthermore, the client empowers Infoisinfo to finish the contract and demand estimated damages.
    3. The delay in payment by the client empowers Infoisinfo, without previous communication, to temporarily suspend the broadcasting of the contracted advertising. When the delay is more than two months, the client authorizes Infoisinfo to discontinue broadcasting of the contracted advertising, as aforementioned.
    4. Any complaint that the client wants to make, regarding any charges made ​​to their account, shall be communicated to Infoisinfo within 30 days after payment, according to Condition 11.1.
  10. Confidentiality and Data protection
    1. Contract content and all the information and documentation that both parts exchange will have confidential nature during its applicability, except data for advertising diffusion, data of authorized cession by client or information from clients with unpaid debts.
    2. All personal data contained in the contractual documentation between the two parties, will be part of a file, owned by Infoisinfo, in order to manage the commercial relationship and to communicate latest features on products and services.
    3. The Client may access, rectify, cancel and deny, if necessary, by sending a letter to COMERLEADS, SL, Alejandro González, 5-28028 Madrid, with the only requirement of a correct self-identification.
    4. Infoisinfo will not handle the client’s personal data for the services described in this contract.
    5. The Client consents to receive commercial communications, regarding products and services offered by Infoisinfo, by all means including electronic.
  11. Requirements and Compensations
    1. Requirements:
      • a. Infoisinfo acknowledges the client’s rights to solve contractual incidences through a simple procedure, consisting of the disclosure of information (through a methodology that allows verifying the identity of the complainant), contents of complaint and its date. As of receiving the complaint or incidence, Infoisinfo will immediately proceed to reply.
      • b. Infoisinfo has a customer service to resolve contractual issues or complaints. This service may be rendered by Infoisinfo or by a third party.
      • c. The complaints referred in the previous paragraph should be sent by an email to or also by phone (+34 91 014 98 22). They can be sent through regular mail addressed to:
        • COMERLEADS, S.L.
        • Complaints Resolution Service
        • Alejandro González, 5 - 28028 - Madrid
      • d. The formulation of any kind of complaint does not relieve the client for paying service fees.
    2. Compensations:
      • a. Infoisinfo will be responsible for the errors and omissions of content that both parties consider essential for the advertising services, which cancel out the efficiency of the ad. Infoisinfo will accept responsibility only when errors attributed to Infoisinfo are communicated by the client within 30 days of starting date of ad. In which case, Infoisinfo will immediately solve mentioned errors within seven days at the most.
      • b. The Client agrees to indemnify Infoisinfo and its suppliers, licensors, licensees, subcontractors, agents, attorneys and employees, from any liability resulting from misuse of the service or from breach of any of the obligations regulated in the contract, including without limitation breach of any representation or warranty. The client will be solely responsible for the payment of compensation for damages that should be paid to Infoisinfo or any third party.
  12. Guarantee Exemption
    1. The client agrees that the use of the contracted services will be performed to his own risk. Infoisinfo and its information providers, licensors, licensees, employees, agents, attorneys and subcontractors do not guarantee results in relation of a minimum number of users or the success of the client’s ads, also of any information, product or service provided in relation with Infoisinfo.
    2. Infoisinfo excludes, in its own name and its suppliers, licensors, licensees, subcontractors, consultants, agents, managers and/or employees any warranty including, but not limited to: (1) availability, suitability or content of the contracted service and/or information, products or services available through this service; (2) satisfactory quality, merchantability and/or aptitude for a particular purpose.
  13. Responsibilities
    1. Infoisinfo’s responsibility, as of its suppliers, licensors, licensees, employees, agents, representatives or subcontractors, for acts attributable to any of them, shall be exclusively for direct damages caused by delivery failure, error, omission, interruption, loss, liability, lack of supply, computer virus, destruction, unauthorized access, alteration and unlawful use of the files. Liability for incurred damages is limited to twice the amount of the net invoiced price of the ad or ads affected by the error or to breach of contract and the price reduction of the affected ad proportionately to the committed error.
    2. Infoisinfo and its providers, licensors, licensees, employees, agents, attorneys or subcontractors will not be responsible for incidental, direct or indirect damages caused by the use of contracted service by third parties, or by linked websites as well as acts, errors in links provided by Infoisinfo to third parties through agreements.
    3. Infoisinfo shall have no liability for failure or delay in its performance in the event that the delay is caused by labour strike or lockout, delivery restrictions, riots, acts of terrorism, insurrection, fire, flood, storm, explosion, earthquake, Internet failure, computer virus, war, governmental action or any other event that is reasonably beyond the control of Infoisinfo.
  14. Contract Modifications or Cancellations
    1. To modify ads displayed by Infoisinfo, the request should be sent as follows: a) Prepared site on or b)
    2. A client may cancel a contract when:
      • The tools explained on previous clause or the address shown on clause 2.2, for regular mail, are used. Infoisinfo will not consider as received communications sent by other means.
    3. When different ads or products are contracted by Special Offer or a Promotional Pack, partial annulment of the offer will not be allowed in any case.
    4. Infoisinfo reserves the right to cancel, refuse or suspend an advertisement in the following cases:
      • a. Requirement under judicial or administrative authorities.
      • b. When the ad content is obscene, offensive or contradictory with editorial characteristics of the site or can cause damage to the reputation of or to any third parties.
      • c. When the same ad is used by two or more professionals, companies or corporate names without effective relation and the solely objective to share the price of the ad. On this case, commercial centres or similar businesses will not be able to include in their ad any reference to shops or companies within.
      • d. When Infoisinfo detects direct or indirect correlation between the client and other Infoisinfo debtor clients. For this purpose, “correlation” will be: (i) when a client uses the same phone number, address, email, corporate name or any element previously classified as belonging to a debtor client, except in cases where it has been expressly authorized by Infoisinfo. And/or (ii) when a corporation assumes the capacity as administrator, partner and / or agent of the debtor client.
  15. General Subscription Policy Modification
    1. Infoisinfo may proceed to modify the content of the current General Subscription Policy, provided that there is a reason to do so. In any case, the modification shall be notified through and always specifying the different reasons to perform the changes. It will be understood that there are sufficient reasons to justify the amendment when it intends to:
      • a. Extend the range or number of services available for clients or improve them.
      • b. Adapt the services under contract to the development of new technologies.
      • c. Adapt any clauses to the current laws.
    2. The general or particular conditions, if any, may not be modified except by express written permission. The modified conditions take effect from the time of publication, so that the agreements formed after this time, will be subject to the modified conditions.
    3. Given to the above, we strongly recommend that you check whether the Conditions have been changed before you sign a contract with Infoisinfo.
  16. Current Jurisdiction and Applicable Laws
    1. The applicable law is the Spanish legislation.
    2. For the resolution of any dispute or litigation arising regarding the interpretation or performance of the agreement, the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid will be the only appropriate authority.